"Training with PBH Immo

Access to flexible and specialised training :

"At PBH IMMO, we invest in your success. Enjoy exclusive access to internal training modules, presented in practical video formats. You also have the opportunity to customize your learning with training tailored to your needs, ensuring that your training path meets your specific requirements."

Compliance with legal standards with ALUR training :

"Your success is our priority, and that includes compliance with legal standards. With PBH IMMO, take advantage of training that complies with the ALUR law, ensuring that your skills are up to date and in line with regulatory requirements. Be confident in your professional practice thanks to our commitment to training quality."

Continuous improvement through dedicated meetings:

"Success doesn't stop after the initial training. At PBH IMMO, we encourage continuous improvement. Join our regular development meetings to stay at the forefront of the industry. With us, your learning journey knows no bounds, and your expertise continues to grow."

"PBH's commission is top-notch!

Stable revenues with commissions maintained:

"At PBH IMMO, we value your long-term success. Enjoy the maintenance of your commissions each year, ensuring financial stability. Your success today is also your success tomorrow."

Benefit from a prosperous network with the referral commission:

"Expand your network and maximize your earnings with PBH IMMO. In addition to maintaining your annual commissions, benefit from a referral commission on transactions from your referrals. Together, we build a thriving network where your success benefits everyone."

Exponential growth thanks to commission on your team :

"Grow your business with PBH IMMO and reap the rewards of your success. In addition to the previous benefits, enjoy a commission on each member of your team. This is an exceptional opportunity for exponential growth and income that scales with your expansion."

"PBH Immo gives you the freedom to grow".

Be your own boss:

"Take control of your professional destiny with PBH IMMO. The freedom to evolve at your own pace means being your own boss, managing your schedule according to your preferences, and having the opportunity to grow your business as you see fit. Achieve your ambitions with the freedom you deserve."

Flexibility in your diary :

"At PBH IMMO, we understand the importance of flexibility. Become your own boss and manage your schedule your way. We give you the freedom to evolve at your own pace, giving your business the agility it needs to thrive in an ever-changing world."

Personal and professional growth:

"Explore new horizons with PBH IMMO! The freedom to evolve at your own pace means not only being your own boss and managing your schedule, but also having the ability to grow your business to match your ambitions. Develop professionally and personally with this exceptional freedom."

"Work with the best tools and software at PBH Immo".

Professional communication with dedicated support:

"Give your career a fresh start with our PBH IMMO Communication Pack. Benefit from personalized support to refine your professional communication. Ensure your message resonates with your target audience and maximize your impact in the real estate market."

Unrivalled visibility thanks to strategic advertising:

"The PBH IMMO Communication Pack offers you much more than just advertising. Get maximum exposure for your listings with powerful campaigns on renowned platforms such as SeLoger, LeBonCoin, etc. Let your properties shine where it matters most."

Optimum performance with customised business software:

"Your real estate success starts with a powerful tool. Participation in PBH IMMO Communication includes business software tailored to your specific needs. Simplify your processes, save time, and optimise your performance with a tool designed just for you."

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